Contech has been at forefront of developing sustainable and integrated healthcare systems which are built around the needs of communities they meant to serve.

People-centred care encompasses medical care and also includes attention to the health of people in their communities such as vaccination and child birth and their crucial role in shaping health policy and health services.

Integrated health services encompasses the management and delivery of quality and safe health services so that people receive a continuum of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease-management, rehabilitation and palliative care services, through the different levels and sites of care within the health system, and according to their needs throughout the life course.

Contech is supporting countries in implementing people-centred and integrated health services by way of developing policy options, reform strategies, evidence-based guidelines and best practices that can be tailored to various country settings.

For instance, Contech as lead organization has carried out delivery of services for FSW (Female Sex Workers) and MSM (Men having Sex with Men) in Lahore and for MSM in Faisalabad by the Punjab AIDS Control Program under World Bank. Contech has been a partner with the provincial TB Control Program under Public Private Partnership, in the project of implementation of TB DOTS through Public Private Mix.

Our work in controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS is demonstration of our committment to encourging safe and healthy lifestyle